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Liberation Film Series

02-09-2018 News


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08-11-2017 News

  Congratulations to The Black Rep Founder and Producing Director, Ron Himes on receiving the Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award - National Black Theatre Festival, 2017 Ron Himes with Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin (wife of Larry Leon Hamlin) after receiving the Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award at the National...

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St. Louis Post Dispatch Theater Review

06-06-2017 News

'Crossin' Over' speaks clearly without a spoken word By Judith Newmark St. Louis Post-Dispatch   May 29, 2017 Photo by Phillp Hamer With the current revival of its original 2007 show “Crossin’ Over,” the Black Rep does more than introduce a new audience to one of its best productions. It allows...

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Ladue News Theater Review

06-06-2017 News

'Crossin' Over' at The Black Rep Is an Energized, Engaging Revival: Musical Review by Mark Bretz   May 30, 2017 Updated May 30, 2017    (1)                                                                                                       Story: From roots in Africa through the journey across the Atlantic Ocean in slave ships to slavery in the American South and from the Civil Rights movement of...

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Playbackstl: Theater Review

06-06-2017 News

Crossin’ Over | The Black Rep June 3, 2017 Andrea Braun Theater Review 0   This wonderful walk through history shows us there is hope, always, for a brighter day. Photo: Phillip Hamer The Sunday of Memorial Day weekend was the perfect time to join the ensemble at The Black Rep for Crossin’ Over, but...

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KDHX Seven Guitars Review

04-13-2017 News

'Seven Guitars' makes bittersweet music Written by Bob Wilcox Category: Theatre Reviews Published: 05 April 2017                     Photo courtesy of Phillip Hamer Floyd "Schoolboy" Barton plays the blues. He's been offered a recording contract by a company in Chicago. Floyd is in Pittsburgh, and his electric guitar is in hock. He needs his...

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