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The Rosalyn Madden Put A Child In A Seat Campaign

Bringing theatre experiences to  the young people of the  community is the main focus of the Rosalyn Madden Put A Child In A Seat Fundraising Campaign. 

The goal this year is to raise $100,000.00 to support The Black Rep Education  Department’s

  • Touring Shows Student Matinees
  • The Professional Intern Program
  • Summer Performing Arts Program (SPA)
  • Teen Tech Program
  • Theatre Arts Workshops/Residences

Did You Know…?  


Youth who are exposed to the arts show: Higher academic achievement Stronger self-esteem A strong capacity for self-assessment Better ability to plan and work for a  future goal  Youth who study the arts are:

  • 4  times more likely to get academic awards
  • 3  times more likely to be a class  officer
  • 3  times more likely to win a school attendance award
  • 4  times more likely to win a  writing award
  • Significantly higher scores in creative thinking, fluency, and originality.

Source: NGA Center for Best Practices Issue Brief:

The Impact of Arts  Education in WorkforceRepatriation

In St. Louis, Missouri and the  Metro-East Area

The Black Rep  Education Department:  

  • Has provided platforms for theatre, dance and other creative expressions from the African American perspective that heighten the social and cultural awareness of its audiences.  
  • Presented more than 50 touring performances and workshops this year.
  •  More than 12,500 students, grades k-12 and community groups experience the magic of live professional  theatre through The Black Rep’s touring productions and workshops.  
  • This season 13,000 middle and high school students from across the region attended weekday, stu-dent matinee performances of The Black Rep’s main stage produc-tions for $10 per ticket. The average ticket cost for a student to attend a mainstage production is $30 making the cost of a student matinee ticket a 66.5% discount.
  • Conducts a six- week Summer Performing Arts (SPA) program for children ages 8-17. The average student enrollment is 20 per year.  98% of the students need some financial assistance and 60% need total assistance.

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