Congratulations to The Black Rep Founder and Producing Director, Ron Himes on receiving the Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award - National Black Theatre Festival, 2017

Ron Himes with Sylvia Sprinkle-Hamlin (wife of Larry Leon Hamlin) after receiving the Larry Leon Hamlin Producer Award at the National Black Theatre Festival, 2017

"O Lord we come this morning 

Knee bowed and body bent before

Thy throne of Grace"
THANKS to my Mother and Father for conceiving, creating and coproducing me
Thank you to my wife for conceiving and co producing two children 
Thank you to all of the Boards of Directors,  members of my staffs and the multitude of artists who have given so much to enable me to produce plays that tell African American stories for the American stage for the last 40 years.
Larry Leon Hamlin was a man of vision, courage and tenacity he left us a legacy of Black theatre excellence.
We are therefore obligated to not only come together to celebrate but we must continue to elevate that vision, drink of that courage and be vigilant and tenacious 
defenders of Black theatre excellence.
"We come like empty pitchers to a full fountain with no merit if our own"
So I thank you NBTF and accept this award with great humility and immeasurable gratitude